Home of the white rose, Yorkshire is “God’s own country”. This grand county is home to three distinctly unique habitats, each as magical and breathtaking as the last. Drift through the Dales, a breathtakingly peaceful landscape speckled with quaint stone villages and trickling waters. Mornings bring the purest country breeze, rolling across the dew-glistening hills. Clear mind and soul in the wild but tranquil heathers of of the North York Moors. Elusive roe deer roam the vibrant brush and soaring hawks take to the skies, while horseback riders trot through its aromatic pine forests. Rugged and charming fishing villages embrace the historic coastline. Delectable cheeses aging in the Dales of Yorkshire can be sampled at the the Wensleydale Creamery. Tucked away, see the sunrise and sunset simultaneously at Saltwick Bay. While Whitby Abbey, home of saints and stories, silhouettes on the hill overlooking the village. Bearing its scars for over 600 years, the medieval home and fortress of Bolton Castle towers above the hills of Wensleydale, immersed in the beauty.

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